currently im using fedora but i am having issues trying to build wxlua from source i dont really care about the editor and extra stuff that comes with wxlua all i want from it is for
to not cause this
module 'wx' not found:
if i can get that without having to understand how to build from source it would be more then worth the effort to switch to ubuntu but if im going to have to understand why configure is unable to find that lua is already on my system and even if i decide thats fine il just use the interpreter that comes with wxlua when i run make i always get the same error if im going to have to deal with that in ubuntu also its not worth the effort of switching to me
i searched the forum for wxlua which results in 6 posts one of which says this
I don't want to use WxLua since it's a pain to install properly on Ubuntu.
but that post was from 2009 so it may not still be a pain to install i figured it cant hurt to ask