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Thread: Re: cannot boot into windows 8.

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    Re: cannot boot into windows 8.

    I'm sorry i carn't offer any help.
    But i'm having similar issues, Only my problems started with a failed install of ubuntu 9.10 on a Sony Vaio.
    I had to install ubuntu on legacy as UEFI would only boot into windows 8 ( i think it is secure boot).
    I've also had the sam eerror code as you and the request to insert recovery media (wich i do not have) or to insert installation disc and "repair computer" option.
    ( This also didn't work).
    I have run out of ideas.
    Is it possible to make a recovery disc from Ubuntu ? (I still have the "WINDOWS RE TOOLS, RECOVERY, SONYSYS" partitions)
    Is there anyway of manually fixing the Boot error ? When i start up my laptop, I still get Windows 8 Option ( now it seems this woill not work because i'm using "legacy" not "UEFI").
    Even when i turn secure boot back on and use the Vaio "ASSIST" Button and change the Boot to "UEFI" Windows still will not boot up..
    Sorry if it seems like i tried to hijack your thread, but our problems seem the same just opposite way of creating them

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    Re: cannot boot into windows 8.

    Thread moved to Installation & Upgrades.Please do not hijack someone else's thread.


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