I upgraded from 12.10 to 13.04 this weekend. Over-all, everything works great. The only exception has been emacs, but I'm not sure what I can do to file a better error report. I have tried this using emacs32 and emacs24. I can start emacs if I use the -nw flags and run emacs in a terminal. But, if I run "emacs", "emacs24", or "emacs23" which should start emacs with a X window (frame in emacs speak), I get nothing. And I mean, literally, nothing. No error, nothing. I don't even get my cursor back and when I look in htop, emacs is using 0% CP and using just a shade over 0% RAM.

I have run emacs with my current init.el. I moved my .emacs.d directory and tried it again, to make sure it wasn't because of a config error. I tried to run emacs as root and I tried to run it as my current user. Thus far, I haven't accomplished anything, other than waste some time.

Any thoughts? I don't understand how I can start emacs (emacs24) in a terminal but be completely unable to start it with a normal X GUI which is how I normally interact with emacs.