hi. im running ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a 64 bit rig. what i am experiencing is this strange random behavior. randomly a keyboard shortcut list will appear and the launchbar, which is normally set to autohide, will appear with numbers on each of the icons. while this is on screen i just hit esc and the shortcut list dissapears but the launchbar stays and i cant type anything into my search baron my browser for example or anything else for that matter. if i hit 1 through 9, s or t the corresponding lauchbar icon activates s being the workplace switcher and t being the trash. the included screenshot shows this. i am unable to gheta screenshot of the list that appears due to it dissapearing when i try to access the dash to use my screenshot app and the Prt Scr button does not work while this is happening. how do i fix this? i have done nothing other than updates and installing a few apps from the software centre, no system tweaks, no modification, nothing.Screenshot from 2013-03-18 19:09:11.png