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Thread: Any decent space 4X game?

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    Any decent space 4X game?

    Yo, I'm an avid fan of space 4x games.
    Talking about games like Gal Civ 2.

    Gal civ 2 is working just fine under wine. but steam client is just buggy as hell under wine

    So... is there any finalized game that runs naively
    and is at least half as good as gal civ 2 ?

    paid or free, doesn't matter
    i have already seen the moo-themed fan game.
    but it's far from being done.


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    Re: Any decent space 4X game?

    What about X3: Reunion? Dunno if it's what you expect but I LOVE the X series. And X3: Reunion is apart from their first game maybe the best one!

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    Re: Any decent space 4X game?

    Dominions 3 is 4x game but not in space. It's a fantasy 4x strategy game:
    Or some more lightweight; Conquest of Elysium -
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    Re: Any decent space 4X game?

    oh I had no idea X3 had a linux client O_O

    Don't want non-space 4x, i'm crazy for space themed games


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