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Thread: How would i configure indicator-plugin?

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    How would i configure indicator-plugin?

    I have the system monitor graph, on the left side i have the volume and mail plugins, and on the right the wifi and battery. I would like to move all icons to one side, I have played around with panel > panel preferences > icons
    I also tried moving the whole indicator icon to the right before the time plugin, that also didnt work just made a different mess.
    I have tried moving them around, but the indicator plugin moves the icon and volume with it.
    (When I remove the indicator-plugin, I lose my Volume and Mail button all together)
    I want to keep the graph on the left, and all the icons on the right.

    Here is my current example.
    I just want to move the volume and mail icon to be beside the Wifi and Battery...
    Thanks in advance
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