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Thread: install LXDE + NXSERVER on 12.04

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    Question install LXDE + NXSERVER on 12.04


    I'm trying to install LXDE + NXSERVER on my dedicated server (ubuntu 64 bit 12.04)

    I found a way to install NXSERVER

    found a way too, to install lxde :

    apt-get install lxde
    but it sounds, both are not linked, i means i'm not sure NXSERVER knows how to start LXDE, cause when i try to start a session through NoMachine, i could only start gnome session (which is not install on my server)
    Anyway i feel i'm not doing the right thing...

    thanks for your help

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    Re: install LXDE + NXSERVER on 12.04

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    Re: install LXDE + NXSERVER on 12.04

    Desktop Unix & Custom, In Settings "Run the command" /usr/bin/startlubuntu. I also select "New Virtual Desktop" as floating windows are confusing. That works OK with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS connecting to Lubuntu 12.10.

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