I made the mistake of installing plymouth without reading into it so I could change my splash. I also wanted to speed up my boot time (ubuntu 11.04 - amd e-300 1.3gz, 8 gigz of ram, 320 gb sata drive). Plymouth actually slowed it down and it's glitchy looking - so I disabled it. I installed bum and killed 2 or 3 services, I knocked off several unnecessary startup programs, I installed preload, I took out the quit splash line in my grub config file - now it's about a 45 second boot and takes about 20 seconds to log out between users. I've already wiped the thing probably 20 times in the last month with everything from fedora, mint, zorin, 3 versions of ubuntu, windows, etc. My wife is going to kill me if I wipe it again...lol I would have used 12.04LTS but it hung up during the install, so I went back to 11.04 and classic gnome. I've only been a linux user for about a year and a half and not sure at this point what I can do to knock my boot speed back down to normal and reasonable time..I thought about clicking upgrade within update manager and hope it would rewrite the boot sequence (that way I don't wipe it clean again and my wife keeps her files..lol) .. what can I do? (I'm also at work right now so I'm not behind the system)