Dear all,
I have:
- windows 7 and on hdd0 (SSD 120GB 1 partition).
- ubuntu on hdd1 (SSD 120GB 1 partition).
- Movies, Softs and Datas on hdd2 (3TB 1 partition).
My son was using the PC, and he restart it, and once restarted, the hard drive (hdd2) was not found, he goes to computer disk management on windows 7, and the system ask him to choose MBR or GPT partition stye and the disk showed as unallocated. The hard disk originally was GPT, but my son click on MBR, then he reallocated the disk and create new volume, and therefore, the disk is now empty!!!
I didnt touched the disk since then, and donno what to do, and I am sure that the problem is not from my son, but from the stupid windows OS.
In all cases, any help with restoring the data from the hard drive?
Thanks in advanced