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Thread: LP audio restoration.

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    LP audio restoration.

    In reply to the closed thread here...
    post #17 I now use Reaper for recording, as it works with asio for my M-audio soundcard and linux is ,unfortunately, a poor second.
    Click repair for restoration as GWC is a poor second and processes only 16/44.1.
    Audacity for track splitting, fades and export/conversions.

    Generally record in 24/96 and save as same or burn to dvd using the most fantastic lplex..!! (scroll to the bottom of the page for how to build in Ubuntu and see my posts here... )

    needledropping seems very poorly supported in linux especially at hires 24/96 or better.
    Pulse audio downsamples to 16/48 on output, so use a Linux distro without Pulse as default or record elsewhere and process on your favourite linux distro.
    Alsa is impeneterable as each iteration changes with the distro of choice.
    Hi res sound cards are unsupported or require almost arcane cli setup not documented but only hinted at.

    Windows is no better with Audacity limited to 16/44.1 recording and so to make the most of the available options you have to jump between O/S', distros, formats and media to finally produce a HiRes file in an accurate bit-perfect and playable file.

    but it is worth it...

    Your comments, tips and input most welcome......
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