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Thread: virtual box will not start in /etc/rc.local

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    virtual box will not start in /etc/rc.local

    My /etc/rc.local file has
    VBoxManage startvm fedora-18-lxde --type headless
    exit 0

    at the end. my server has to gui and I have to ssh in issue the command "VBoxManage startvm fedora-18-lxde --type headless" just to run this virtual server. I thought that by putting the command in /etc/rc.local it would startup when the server does each time the server is restarted

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    Re: virtual box will not start in /etc/rc.local

    This is just a guess, but /etc/rc.local is designed to run tasks as the root user before any of the desktop environment is started. There's no X server running at that point, nor have any users logged in. VirtualBox is designed to be run by ordinary users from a normal desktop session. How that is done varies across desktop environments. I use KDE so I can't help much with regular Ubuntu and the Unity desktop, but from reading this, putting the command in $HOME/.gnomerc might be the way to go.
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