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Thread: AUDIO: Youtube/Audacious output disappears after starting Ardour or Qtractor

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    AUDIO: Youtube/Audacious output disappears after starting Ardour or Qtractor

    Hi all, I'm just trying to get familiar with Ubuntu Studio in the hope of contributing something to the project, but even the basics are giving me a headache at the moment!

    Here's the scenario: I find a YouTube video on an audio app I want to learn (Ardour, Qtractor, etc), then start the app, and find that audio on the YouTube video has stopped working. However, if I leave the video playing, and start the app, I get an error message. Here's the error message Qtractor gives me:
    "The audio/MIDI engine could not be started. Make sure the JACK audio server (jackd) and/or the ALSA Sequencer kernel module (snd-seq-midi) are up and running and then restart the session."
    Once I get audio working in Ardour or Qtractor, I then can't hear any in video (online or native files) or listen to ogg/mp3s via Audacious.

    I've tried searching for a solution but the closest I got was this, and a solution isn't really offered:

    I also found this thread;
    ...but the solutions offered make me nervous, as there is not mention of the type of specialist audio software used in Ubuntu Studio. I'm worried that reinstalling pulseaudio/libasound2 and/or hacking audio conf files will only end badly for Ardour/Qtractor and the other apps I have installed such as Renoise and energyXT. Audio on Linux seems a bit of a minefield right now, takes me back to the bad old days of pro-audio on Windows (yes, there is such a thing!). I want to get to grips with this and understand how the bits of the jigsaw all fit together. Maybe then there's a slim chance that one day I'll actually be able to contribute something back...

    I'm running Ubuntu Studio 12.10 64bit on a Toshiba P850-321 using onboard Realtek ALC280Q-GR audio hardware (I haven't even started trying to get this lot working with my UCA202 yet!!).

    Any help and guidance with this very gratefully received!!
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