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Thread: 12.10 - Any problems reverting to Disk Utility from 12.04

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    12.10 - Any problems reverting to Disk Utility from 12.04

    I just upgraded my server from 12.04 to 12.10 today. I know that most would run a server headless but I prefer having a GUI for a number of reasons. That aside I also don't mind using the prompt for anything I do. I manage a fair number of Ubuntu servers remotely over ssh.

    Anyhow on to my issue. The new Disks is woefully under featured when compared to the old Disk Utility when it comes to managing md devices. I have a RAID6 volume running across a number of disks in my box. In the disk utility you could add a spare, re-attach disks to the array that had dropped out, expand the array to a new disk, etc.. Basically all the options of mdadm were right there in the GUI. It was great.

    I can see the appeal if I am just managing a few disks in my box with no special need. But to simply remove all of that functionality seems unusual to me. I know that they are striving under a new directive to "not show every option possible in the GUI to a desktop user". But why not extend the 12.04 Disk Utility with a new UI and preserve the ability to go to an "Advanced" mode or something. I don't get the need to completely rewrite a great tool and remove most of the useful features.

    Are there any issues reverting to Disk Utility to regain the functionality we lost? Compatibility or otherwise?

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    Re: 12.10 - Any problems reverting to Disk Utility from 12.04

    I don't think there would be any big issue, you'd need to try & see. (if it doesn't work out then just re-install/upgrade back to the current 12.10 package.

    I wouldn't use the 12.04 package, probably better to use the last 12.10 avail. before change - source page here
    just pick arch & from that page download the .deb's - ex. 64 bit page

    There are 5 packages, 3 are needed, the other 2 are -dev & you likely don't need. Also there are 2 add. depends, better to pre-install them, then use dpkg to install the 3 at once.

    basically -
    sudo apt-get purge gnome-disk-utility
    sudo apt-get install libunique-3.0-0 libavahi-ui-gtk3-0
    Then get the needed packages, put in an empty folder, cd to folder &
    sudo dpkg -i *.deb
    So min. would be, Ex. on amd64 install

    The 2 -dev packages are as mentioned probably not needed, if installing them then ck. on their deps first, only these 2 are needed

    screen shows palimpsest running, no issue here but obviously a very simple machine...
    (-if you do be aware of upgrading back
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