Problem to connect to an external wi-fi modem/router from my pc with ubuntu 10.10.
i have tried to get the connection using the wi fi thru the TP.LINK TL-WN722NC usb adapter.

I've installed the fixed driver of ATH9K_HTC"Maverick_fixed" and after I downloaded wi-fi radar application 2.0 s05.

Opening wi-fi radar it find my network and after that I push connect button it start showing the message "WPA supplicant start" and it triyng for getting the connection but nothing happen because after 5 minutes it was showing me the same message: Acquiring IP Address (DHCP)

What can I do? i'm desperate! I need this wi fi connection.

could the problem come from the connection manager wlan0?
I got some mistake using WI-Fi radar?