Hi guys, I have three hard drives a 1.5 GB and two 500 GB. I have arranged the following as this :-

1 - 1.5 TB = two partitions one is root (\) and the other is \home.
2 - 500 GB = free
3 - 500 GB = free

Basicly I want to use the two 500 GB as my RAID 1 to backup my most important data. So far I have Ubuntu 12.10 installed and configured on the 1.5TB. Can I install mdadm and use it to make the two other drives as RAID 1 without effecting my Ubuntu installation?

I am still new to linux and I am looking throw google on how to do this (dont know how to use mdadm yet), so if you have any advise please let me know.

Note : I dont need the raid for my \home partition.