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Thread: Server-side Scripting

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    Re: Server-side Scripting

    Okay, I have managed to get some way further with this. I am now stuck with this code that is supposed to move files from one directory to another:

    PHP Code:
    shell_exec("sudo find /media/storage/documents -name '*.doc' -type f -exec mv '{}' /media/storage/backup/ \; 2>&1");
    I am calling this from a button on another page, but I am now getting the following message:

    find: missing argument to `-exec'I am so close to what I am trying to achieve, I can taste it !

    Help greatly appreciated
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    Re: Server-side Scripting

    Unless you have added the "www-data" to the sudoers list, or you are running Apache as root, which is strongly discouraged, you cannot run a shell command with sudo from a PHP script. The easiest solution is to make sure that the www-data user has appropriate permissions on the directories and files and any destinations.
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    Re: Server-side Scripting

    I already have the permissions set correctly from the sudoers file.

    I would point out aswell that this is an internal websrver, with no access to/from the outside world.

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