So today i broke my phone

I am hearing everyday about Ubuntu Phones and i am thinking of not paying 100-200 eyros to fix this phone (as its current price is 260), and to buy a quad core or even 8x core ( s4 coming . )

Also i am having a computer dualboot Windows - Ubuntu
The integration of Ubuntu and my laptop maybe the worst that ever happned, meaning that i have everyday bugs (like freezing suddenly forced to crash system) , and also games that play spectacular good in Windows, lag extremely bad in Ubuntu )

So the question
If i buy for example in a couple of months from now, lets say the samsung s4. Will i be able to put Ubuntu phone on it, and also have only Windows on my computer (not dualboot) and run for example Ubuntu 13.04 from the phone, u know there was something called Ubuntu for android that u connect the phone to a dock.. )