Hello all,

I have received many request of application request for future addition into UCE. Some apps i have heard from and others i have not so i wanted to start a single thread that is used to bring applications that you all would like to see in UCE. Of course i will try and run them through wine if there is not a native linux version and this will require much testing. NOTE: You can simple reply to this thread with the application and i will add it to this list.

Logos Bible Software 5
Logos Bible Software 4
WORDsearch 10
Bible Explorer 4
Glo Bible
gverse (will have to be compiled from source)
Script to pull down daily verses on desktop. (Not a app aside from a script using conky but it was requested by multiple people as a good idea. This script compliments of our own nixblog here on the forums which i intend to include in next release.)