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Thread: Wireless card replacement question.

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    Question Wireless card replacement question.

    Hi, I got what is likely an easy question. I want to replace my laptop's wireless NIC from a Broadcom to an Intel as the Broadcom is giving me issues in all distros of Linux.
    However, the only one I know will work with the laptop is the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 100.
    Will this card have any issues or need any manual driver installing in any Ubuntu distros?

    On a side note, the laptop is an Acer Aspire 5733Z, so if there are any other card suggestions that will work, I'll hear them out. However, the laptop only has one antenna cable.

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    Re: Wireless card replacement question.

    I don't know how much you want to spend, but has wireless cards specifically made for Linux.
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    Re: Wireless card replacement question.

    Honestly, as little as possible. The card I have now works in Windows, and I plan on dual booting Windows and Ubuntu. I know that cards can be found easily for $10-$15 with shipping.
    I should mention that I am not concerned with getting 802.11N, I only need G. I plan on using the laptop for troubleshooting other systems, and if need be cleaning off junk or getting a hold of files that otherwise would be too risky.
    What I want ot spend might be low, but what I want is so basic I wouldn't think it would matter, hence the question on if that Intel Centrino Wireless-N 100 will work without me needing to do anything special.

    The ecact issue I have with the Broadcom card is after updating the Linux kernel, the card is no longer found. Upon manually installing the drivers and firmware into Linux, it's simply disabled. Trying to enable it freezes the system until either the battery dies or I manually hold the power button to force a shut-down.


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