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Thread: Lenovo Z570 vs Suspend

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    Lenovo Z570 vs Suspend

    Evening, all
    As the title suggests, I have a Lenovo Z570. Works great, except if I try to suspend the laptop. it seems I have a 50/50 chance of the screen coming back on.

    Looking for troubleshooting steps to hopefully achieve a proper suspend on this laptop.
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    Re: Lenovo Z570 vs Suspend

    Of interest would be the log file /var/log/pm-suspend.log noting which set of log entries relate to a successful resume and which log entries relate to an unsuccessful resume. (Perhaps its just an issue with the screen backlight not returning on resume - for which the kernel parameter acpi_backlight=vendor might help).

    Here are a couple of wiki articles on debugging suspend/resume:

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    Re: Lenovo Z570 vs Suspend

    You also may want to take a look at this thread, while you didn't say figure the laptop has intel graphics -

    (- on an older Dell 1330m w/ GeForce 8400M GS suspend does not work, (return from), with nouveau, does work fine with nvidia drivers


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