The release of 12.04 LTS seemed to include a couple of 'features' to Audacity which have completely destroyed its effectiveness in editing music files at a low level, such as removing scratches, pops and ticks from recorded vinyl. The previous LTS release (10.04) contained a version of Audacity that had a fixed horizontal scroll bar which allowed scrollong by complete 'screen' or smooth scroll (by pressing the arrows on left/right end). The system seemed to respond instantly even on a lightweight 1.2 GHz Athlon netbook.

The new version contains no fixed scrollbar, but a pop-up pointer which only seems to scroll a 'screen' at a time after a noticeable delay, then in three painfully slow segments. Even a multi-core 2.6 GHz Athlon system is too slow to be usable.

A second feature is zooming in and out with the +/- 'buttons'. Even on lightweight netbooks, the old 10.04 version of Audacity seemed to react instantly, but the Audacity in the 12.04 (and 12.10) release is so slow that I am always three to five button presses ahead and must wait a seeming eternity for the system to catch up.

I have tried to compile the old 10.04 Audacity source under 12.04 with no success as well as compiling several Beta and Release versions of Audacity from Sourceforge and WxWidgets, all with no success.

Does anyone have any fix for these two problems so that I do not need to retain a couple of systems with 10.04 installed? TIA.