Hi, I've just set up GUFW as a firewall and I've setup some rules for what it should allow.

The preconfigured rules only allow you to select from 6 bittorrent clients, skype & ubuntu one to set permissions for. Can I assume from this that that's all I would need to set rules for? If not how do I go about adding other applications. I've checked out the simple & advanced rules tabs & simple gives me the option to write in 'Port or Service' - will it recognise whatever I type in, for example if I want to set rules for TOR or for a distributed computing project what do I need to type into the box?

Another thing is when I add a rule - say for ubuntu one it displays in the list of rules as "456/udp Allow In Anywhere", etc with no indication as to what rule or port number relates to what application. Doesn't seem to be a way to get it to display Ubuntu One Allow In, etc instead & I can see it becoming very confusing if I need to set a lot of rules. Is there an easy way to make sense of this and to be clear as to what applications rules ar set for?


By the way I'm on Ubuntu 12.10