after searching the net about how to run tally.erp9 in 'wine', i decided to share my experience and find solutions from experts. I installed tally.erp9 in 'wine' when i was using ubuntu 13.04. it worked, though extremely slowly, taking ages to go to the next screen. I had contacting tally support and had got a blunt answer " we dont support linux". I had almost concluded that tally cannot work properly on linux machines and had given up on that.
Then something happened. I upgraded my ubuntu to 13.10 and i discovered that Tally.erp 9 had started working beutifully. To my surprise it was working much faster than on windows machines. just to make sure i installed tally on 2 more machines running ubuntu 13.10 and it worked well on all the machines ( I am not a technical guy and it is beyond me to explain what had changed from ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10 which brought this change in the way 'tally' worked).
Recently i upgraded one of these machines to ubuntu 14.04 and suddenly 'tally' crashed with an error message 'out of memory' at launch. i tried it on another machine and the same thing happened. I searched the net about 'out of memory' error for tally and found a number of posts in this regard, but all pertaining to windows machines. The remedies suggested either did not work in ubuntu or could not be applied. Now i am left with only one machine that is still running ubuntu 13.10 and i am scared to upgrade it for fear of loosing 'tally'. I am posting this on tally forum as well just to see if anyone in 'tally' has realised and recognised the arrival of ubuntu/linux on the OS scenario and has strted supporting instead of being adamant and 'windows'centric.
Any explaination and help in this regard will be appreciated.
i will also post a screencast of tally running in 'wine' under 'ubuntu 13.10'
I will also post this on 'wine' forum and will give the links soon for the interested.

youtube link
thanks to all