I've been on my PC today minding my business and browsing when I notice everything running very sluggish and seeing there's a lot of disk activity. After closing a few tabs in the browser (Chromium 27.0.1441.0, build 188249 on XP SP3) the disk activity ceased but then came back a few minutes after. Meanwhile I noticed that a folder was missing from the HDD, it's the folder that I keep most downloads in it and have my browser pointed to it. I looked around the HDD to see if there's anything missing but everything seems to be in it's place, except the downloads folder. I tried using Recuva to see if the files are still on the disk, I managed to recover a few but there are tons of files missing. Some of them have even been renamed to something like [######].EXT (it has a 6-digit number ID between brackets with the file's original extension) and instead of them being under D:\Downloads\ (the name of the folder, how original =3 ) it was something like D:\?\. What could have caused this, especially the weird renames?
All I could think of is either a software mishap in this Chromium build (has a lot of bugs, that I know of well), some form of malware (which is impossible considering that I use Chromium) or the HDD is failing (which is unlikely as files from other folders are in their place). I don't remember even mistakenly deleting the folder if that's what you might think.
I'll try to scan with an anti-virus and Spybot to see if there's anything suspicious while you guys answer =)
Thanks in advance.