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Thread: Unable to launch Windows 7

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    Unable to launch Windows 7

    I have installed Unbuntu, but now i have problems getting to windows 7!!

    When i click windows 7 loader the screen simply goes black for a second and then back to unbuntu the same happens with the repair. I have used the boot-repair service, but it didnt work it told me to note a link and here it is.

    Can anyone please help me with this?

    I dont have any windows recovery dvdś because its all on my harddrive

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    Re: Can anyone please help me?Unable to launch windows 7

    I could not spot any reason Windows 7 wouldn't boot, but others are far more expert than me.

    Boot repair said it worked. What brand and model of computer is this?

    Some vendors provide a program to make recovery DVDs. If possible you should do that. Hard drives fail at the worst time, and you will need to load the operating system if you need to replace the drive.

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    Re: Unable to launch Windows 7

    Moved as this is not specific to Dell.
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