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Thread: Running LDPC codes on Ubuntu

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    Running LDPC codes on Ubuntu

    Hello, my humble greetings to Everyone.

    I am having trouble running the LDPC software package distributed by Mr. Radford Neal. It is a free software package.
    I am using Ubuntu to compile and run it but since I am new to Ubuntu, I am having trouble. I have been able to extract and compile the code but what I really want is to generate parity-check matrices of any size (for example 20 by 40, 100 by 200, etc..)

    Am stuck with this issue for days now, and I would really appreciate your help in this.

    The following is the link to software package:

    I really look forward for your help and please since I am a newbie to Ubuntu, please bear a little with me and explain to me in steps.

    Thank you all.
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