Hi everyone!

I'm testing Ubuntu Christian Edition in a VM on my Mac, and I'm looking at solely moving to Ubuntu CE on all my office machines as our day-to-day work machines (running on custom hardware we're building). I'm pretty familiar with Ubuntu and Linux in general since I'm a web designer and have enough server knowledge and Linux terminal knowledge from compiling Linux apps through the command line.

Ubuntu CE is looking great so far, and I'm really enjoying it.

I have a couple of quick questions though.

1. How can I easily (give me the "for dummies version") control/change settings on DansGuardian? I'd like to keep DansGuardian running if possible since it would allow our machines to be more secure, but in it's current state, it's too intrusive for me to run my day-to-day work. For example, it's blocking the download of ZIP files, Windows EXE files (on most people's machines, I'm fine leaving them blocked, but on my machine, I need to run some Windows applications under WINE and really need to be able to download EXE's), plus when I go to certain websites like to download TeamViewer (since one one of my machines, I need to install TeamViewer to remote into it on the go), it's blocking loading the page. How can I go in and override settings? In addition, if someone else in my office lands on a legitimate website that gets blocked, how can I go in and quickly override it on their machine? I know some of my staff will be hollering at me everytime a website is blocked, and I need to know how to quickly override the legitimate websites for them.

2. Also, how do I go about uninstalling Google Chrome quickly? Can I do it through Terminal or do I need to use Ubuntu Software Center or the Package Manager? We want to use FireFox instead of Chrome.