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Thread: Bouncy ball (pygame)

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    Bouncy ball (pygame)

    I am making a pong game and am putting it together a piece at a time. Right now I am working on a simple bouncy ball. I can make it move, but it wont bounce back. Basically I don't know how to set up walls . Here is my code:

    import pygame
    import sys
    from pygame.locals import *
    x_vel = 1
    y_vel = 1
    x = 1
    y = 1
    screen = pygame.display.set_mode((600,600),0,32)
    screen.blit(screen, (0,0))
    ball_img = pygame.image.load('ball.png')
    ball_cover = pygame.image.load('blank_ball.png')
    clock = pygame.time.Clock() 
    ball_rect = ball_img.get_rect()
    while True:
         for event in pygame.event.get():
              if event.type == QUIT:
         bounds_rect = pygame.Rect(x,y,0,0)
         x += x_vel
         y += y_vel
         screen.blit(ball_img, ball_rect)
         screen.blit(ball_cover, ball_rect)

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    Re: Bouncy ball (pygame)

    I don't know pygame but I've done this sort of thing before. All you need to do is work out the where your horizontal and vertical walls are. Lets say x=0, x=800 and y=0, y=600. (I don't know the coordinate system for pygame, but basically you want the limits of the window/screen). Then you have to work out when your ball will collide with a wall. It will be if any of these conditions are true:

    a. if the centre x + radius >= 800
    b. if the centre x - radius <= 0
    c. if the centre y + radius >= 600
    d. if the centre y - radius <= 0

    When it collides, you just reverse the x or y velocity depending on which wall you hit. So if it was a wall based on the x coordinate, you'd reverse the x velocity and vice versa.

    This only works if you start your ball in the middle so that it's not colliding of course.
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