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Thread: Read Only File System! (/home D:)

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    Read Only File System! (/home D:)

    Hi there, can anyone help me with this please?, I use Ubuntu 12.10 with Windows 7 on the same Hard Disk but on different partitions. I also have another PC with almost the same config. And both computers are connected to my home network using a Router (the classic ISP connected to a Modem wich is connected to a Router, providing WiFi to the whole house). The problem is that I use to requiere files from one computer to another, my PC is always running W7 and my laptop is running Ubuntu (this is the most common situation) so when I need to transfer stuff I just go to the Network "folder" provided in nautilus to access my PC file system. I named all this because I think the problem has something to do with it.

    You see, I've been getting Hard Disk's errors everytime I boot with Ubuntu on my laptop. It says something like: "Se encontraron errores al comprobar el controlador del disco /" , which may be translated as "There were mistakes checking the Hard Disk Driver /", and giving me the options: "Press F to try fixing the mistakes, I to ignore, S to skip the mounting or M to manual recovery". If I press F the system reboots after a few seconds, and no warning is reported again for the next booting. But I still having the same problem as I press 'I' to ignore this: My whole file system has a stunning Read Only mark everywhere! I can't even use Gimp cause when it tries to use the Exchange Partition, Ubuntu does not let it to. So I can't take a .jpg from my Windows partition and paste it to my Ubuntu Desk cause it gives me the error of "Read Only File System". I "can use" sudo nautilus to get higher permissions, but after lots of mistakes nautilus opens in a new window and I still having the same problem.

    Does anyone have an idea? I don't want to format and install everything from zero! Thanks!
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    Re: Read Only File System! (/home D:)

    Hi BlastDV.

    I would recommend using a LIVE CD, and check and reparing the disk using fsck. For instance:

    First, list your disks:
    sudo fdisk -l
    When you recognize your hard disks partitions (for example /dev/sda1), repair it like this:
    sudo fsck -r /dev/sda1
    Once you have repair them all, boot normally.

    If you still having problems, look for errors, on dmesg or syslog for more clues:
    grep -i err | /var/log/dmesg
    grep -i ata | /var/log/dmesg
    grep -i /dev/sda | /var/log/dmesg
    try also on /var/log/syslog.

    Espero que te sirva. Avísanos como te va con eso.

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    Re: Read Only File System! (/home D:)

    Thank you so much! I fixed this and now I can finally do whatever I want with my files!

    I didn't even had to search for errors as you suggested, the fsck did all the job

    By the way, any idea of why does this happen? The first time, my system was unable to boot! so I had to reinstall everything! Does it have anything to do with exchanging content from one system to another by my network without defining Shared Folders?


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