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Thread: Trouble running winetricks

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    Question Trouble running winetricks

    I recently switched to Ubuntu 32-bit and am trying to run some windows-specific programs using Wine. I had to patch the source a bit and compile wine myself, and it all went well but right now I'm trying to run winetricks (which I assumed is part of the source I compiled), and I get the following prompts:
    "WINE is wine, which is neither on the path nor an executable file" -> when I am in the wine source directory, where I compiled it.
    "wineserver not found!" -> when I'm anywhere else.
    running "wine" itself works fine when I'm in the source directory but anywhere else, it's not found.
    I'm also not sure where wine is installed, i just used the default prefix. Winetricks also shows up in the Unity search panel as an application, but when I click it nothing happens.
    Any ideas?
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