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Thread: delete partitions

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    delete partitions

    I need to remove Ubuntu 12.10 so that I can install XP Pro. I tryed using Gparted but it gave me the error message, "The partition could not be unmounted from the following mount points. "/" Most likely other partitions are also mounted on these mount points. You are advised to unmount them manually. I have tryed using "Fdisk" at the command prompt, but the commands "p", and "d" would not work. I have no idea what to do here. Can anyone help. Or do I need to follow another path.
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    Re: delete partitions

    You cannot use gparted to delete or edit the partition you are working from. If on anther drive you should be able to unmount it and then edit it.

    You also have to unmount swap if using liveCD which is usually recommended, so you have no issues of mounted partitions.

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    Re: delete partitions

    If you have two hard drives unplug the one you don't want to install xp on, and load the xp installation disk and wipe and reformat it there.
    Probably the safest and simplest method.
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