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Thread: Unbootable system after screwing up with the dd command

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    Unbootable system after screwing up with the dd command


    Last night I was tired and I made a stupid mistake. While trying to create a live-usb with the dd command I entered "of=/dev/sda". I quickly realized what I had done and I stopped the process. I was too late, of course.

    With Linux Secure Remix I tried the "recommended repair" option of the Boot Repair program to no avail. The report can be seen here:
    At that point, my computer when powered on would still boot to the welcome screen of the OpenSUSE live medium.

    I decided to ignore the warnings and proceeded with the advanced options to restore the MBR. Now when I turn on my computer the welcome screen is gone but it complains that there's no bootable device to boot from. The new report can be found here:

    I checked with GParted, instead of having Win7 (+recovery) and Xubuntu (/boot, /, /home and swap) on the disk it shows a boot partition (4MiB) on sda1, an unknown file system labeled OpenSUSE 12.3 KDE Live (948.8 MiB) on sda2 and an unallocated partition (297,16 GiB).

    Is there anyway to recover my partitions?
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