I'm having some difficulty here and I'm curious if somebody would have an idea on what to do. Basically we have some Nexus 7's here at work for our students to use in specific areas. The teacher would like a way to demonstrate to the class how to use a specific application. Nexus 7's don't have video out, and even if they did, we would need all sorts of adapters since our projectors are VGA based, etc. What I'm looking for instead is running Android in a VM on Virtualbox, that way she can full screen it and simulate the app on her VM as to what the students will need to do on their devices.

Two problems:

1 - I cannot see my pointer. This makes using the VM impossible. I have however found what I believe to be is a solution - an app called "pointer."
2 - Since Android is largely wifi based, and VBox (from what I can see) treats VMs as hard wired, I'm having trouble getting this VM networked, which I of course need to install any sort of apps easily that the teacher may want.

Does anybody know of a way to work around this? I'm so close but I just can't seem to crack the remaining portion.