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Thread: GS use baobab instead of nautilus

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    GS use baobab instead of nautilus

    As the old "fallback" DE is now fully broken (latest mutter job), i've started GS as a substitute (not so huge difference after all).
    But when i've clicked on Places -> Home, i was expected to get nautilus loaded, but got baobab instead
    Well, the menus are a bit confuse (looks a mess compared to the old gnome-classic aka fallback), and have not yet found how to change the app's preferences.
    Need to start Alacarte from the terminal.

    Have you also got that mess ? (the 2 gnome3-team ppas activated)
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    Re: GS use baobab instead of nautilus

    Possibly caused by the desktop-file-utils upgrade & maybe the same as this thread
    No ill effect, (or any effect) here though don't quite get the purpose of the change, possibly there is one
    * debian/defaults.list:
    - use current glade version as default
    - default to nautilus-folder-handler, which doesn't use --new-window,
    that way we correctly focus open view rather duplicating those


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