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Thread: Lost Shortcuts/Can't Set Background

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    Question Lost Shortcuts/Can't Set Background

    I was messing around with pyGObjects last night, and everything was fine. Installed GLIB and pyGObject, updated GTK, and Python.

    After turning on my computer today, it appears I have lost all of my profile settings. There appears to be no way to set my background, as when I try to set it nothing changes. Additionally, all of my icons set on the bar are changed back to default. My files are all intact. My "applets" in the top bar are even on, but reset to default settings. Attempting to restore from my backup a few days ago, but unsure if that will fix it or not.

    I'm running Ubuntu 12.10 updated to the latest version.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Backup did not help. It appears Ubuntu no longer remembers -anything-. New shortcuts are gone on start-up and firefox doesn't remember logins. I read somewhere this may be an issue the my GLIB?
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