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Thread: UB 13.04 - trouble copying files on USB

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    UB 13.04 - trouble copying files on USB

    I have 2x1.5TB Western Digital external hard disks, connected via the USB 2.0 to A Dell Optiplex 330 Desktop.

    Both HDD are connected to the computer with the shortest USB cable I could find on the rear USB 2.0 ports.

    Q. When I copy a file from one HDD to a Lexar 64GB Flash Drive plugged into the front USB 2.0 ports, I get a transfer speed of about 10MBps which is ok, if I then add another file to the list to copy from the same source to destination I would think it would split the transport speed in half, but the original file transfer drops to a crawl, the new transfer never gets to anything like half the speed of the expected transfer speed. Is there a way to stack the intended file transfers, prior to transportation, so that the multiple transfer don't interact with each other and slow each other down.

    Thank You

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    Re: UB 13.04 - trouble copying files on USB

    Welcome to the Ubuntu Forums

    How do you manage to copying now?

    Are you using the file browser Nautilus, or a command line in a terminal window?

    I think some tools will make a good queue for the copying provided you don't run several processes side by side. So for example, it is probably better to mark two files and drag-n-drop them, than to start one copy process and then start another one. And in a corresponding way with the cp command in a terminal window.

    I would not say that this queue method is always better, but it might be better with USB 2. My experience is that USB 2 is very slow copying many small files compared to internal drives (for example SATA). I think starting and stopping for each file takes a lot of time. So an alternative might be to make a tarfile or compressed tarfile, 'a tarball' with tar and gzip, or something similar with file-roller and copy that via USB, if you have many small files.

    File-roller,the archive manager, corresponds to Winzip or 7-zip in Windows.


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