I hope you are all well. Here's my problem (I'll explain how I got here):
I was running ubuntu 10.04, and I got Mullvad , a VPN service because it is anonymous and cheap.
Mullvad VPN service installed perfectly on 10.04 and I have used it for about 1-2 months, without an issue.
Finally, in January I installed Ubuntu 12.04 via upgrade from 10.04, leaving mullvad installed. Everything still worked properly.
Recently, however, with no changes to the software (as far as I know other than Ubuntu updates, Mullvad wasn't working correctly. It would say it was connected, but without the green checkmark indicating this that was previously displayed in 12.04 and 10.04. I could still browse the internet..until about 2 days ago.
My subscription expired, and I started up Mullvad (but without the option to block connections on failure, because I was not a subscriber). I still left Mullvad installed however. Later, I restarted my computer, and this time did not start Mullvad/VPN at all.
I could no longer access domain names, except for by typing in IP addresses of sites. I searched via startpage, and I found a couple articles. Apparently, I was supposed to move /etc/resolvconf.
I did this and now cannot access DNS.

Thank you in advance.