I am unable to find the old Tips & Tricks section of the forum, so decided to put this thread here. Mods, please move it elsewhere if you think it should be in another place.

I have been running Lucid with gnome 2 since it first appeared, and as it is about to lose its support next month I have been trying Xubuntu 12.04; sorry but unity just does not work for me.

All was great to start when using Xubuntu but after a while the display of fonts in all situations became what I can best describe as spindly and very unclear. No amount of configuring fonts in Settings-manager -> Appearance would put things right. I could not figure out what I had done and why things changed so markedly. However, I have a few KDE applications installed and therefore run KDE System Settings to make them look better in a GTK environment and purely by chance today I discovered that removing the hidden .fonts.conf file that KDE System Settings adds to my home folder greatly improved the look of all fonts, which now appear just as they do in Lucid.

I thought it worth mentioning this so others who notice any poor font rendering in Xubuntu and also run KDE applications and KDE SDystem Settings might have at least one possible solution to try out.