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Thread: repositories for chrubuntu

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    repositories for chrubuntu

    Hi, I'm using chrubuntu on my samsung arm chromebook, almost all works great, but I have these questions:

    1. can I use any repository in my chrubuntu? for example the repos for ubuntu 12.04? checking my sources.list I have these activate:

    deb precise-security main restricted
    deb-src precise-security main restricted
    deb precise-security universe
    deb-src precise-security universe
    deb precise-security multiverse
    # deb-src partner
    #deb partner
    #deb-src partner
    deb-src precise-security multiverse
    as you can see, I tried to use precise partner but it did not work, so I would like to know what repos can I use

    2. is there a way to get rid off the google chromium os? I'm not using the default operating system, and I would like to add more room to my chrubuntu, so I would like to know how unistall chromium

    3. chrubuntu is an accepted distro for canonical? in case of not how can I help to that distro?



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    Re: repositories for chrubuntu

    @1: what does "sudo apt-get update" tell you?

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    Re: repositories for chrubuntu

    well this time I could update my apt-get and also I could download all the necessary package, so the first questios is solved, but i would like some help with the other ones.



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