I need to setup a linux HTTP Tunnel server that supports multiuser to bypass a very restrictive firewall that only allows HTTP requests. I already tried GNU HTTPTunnel with Squid Proxy (Squid on port 8080) which is exactly what I need but it only supports one user at a time. Do you know any other way to achieve the same thing and possibly easy to connect for windows users?

I already tried HTTPTunnel at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/http-tunnel/
But I couldn't set it up properly and I can't find any good tutorial on it either!

Just to show what has been done with GNU HTTPTunnel, here are the instructions below.

GNU HTTPTunnel Server (hts) on server side:
#install Squid and configure it on port 8080
apt-get install httptunnel
hts -F localhost:22 80

GNU HTTPTunnel Client (htc) on Windows side:
htc -F 10022 linuxServerIP:80
putty -ssh -l prxusr -pw passpassi localhost -P 10022 -L 10023:localhost:8080
#firefox HTTP proxy setting: localhost:10023