Howdy all I am a life long user of Windows tying to make the transition into the wonderful world of Ubuntu I have a dual Core AMD shuttle that is sitting there currently doing nothing so I figured I would setup up a Server and actually have it doing something productive.

Skillwise I am ok with the CLI have a good understanding of how to use vim, file navigation understand concepts such as piping, redirection and can can use utilities such as Grep

I basically want to setup to start with a Media server which will handle streaming, downloading of torrents, I also want to setup a ftp and share out a few samba shares with windows 7 clients. I also want to learn about basic security of the server real basic foundation level stuff I don't want to jump into the deep end and bite off more than I can chew. I preferably don't want anonymous access to the samba shares and want some kind of security in place.

Has anybody set up something similar or have access to good easy to follow tutorials I am willing to get my hands dirty just having a got a clue about where to start I usually install the O/S and then that's about as far as I go I need to break everything down into small chunks to achieve the goal.

With your help I can move onto phase two of the project which will mean I will document my journey with Ubuntu server setup a blog and give something back to people who are new to Ubuntu and are in a similar position as myself need clear easy advice.

Please somebody give me some encouragement and help me get this project off the ground if you have access to any tutorials or guides I would appreciate it

The plan is to build this server build a foundation of knowledge and give back to the community that is my dream please help me achieve this I want to educate people about Ubuntu Server