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Thread: Squid!

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    Hi, I am very new to squid.

    I am trying to setup a content rewirte with squid proxy.

    For example, if a web page contained the phrase "Hello world" I would like squid to change it to "Threat detected".

    Is this possible?

    This is for a Uni project.

    Thanks Dan

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    Re: Squid!

    It's possible -
    I've tried it with apache as a proxy rather than squid when I was debugging a reverse proxy for some misbehaved web applications (and added to my list of interesting techniques for April Fool Projects)

    It involves configuring apache as a reverse proxy, and adding an external filter to the configuration to find and replace phrases/patters in the content that is delivered to the browsers. Apache has built-in support for that in at least two ways : with a built-in 'sed''module, and a filter filter module that can use any external command, eg sed)

    If you"re dead set on using squid, I guess it might have similar features, but I wouldn't know what or how.

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    Re: Squid!

    I have got it all working now, In the end I ended up using DansGaurdian and Squid.

    Thanks for the info though



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