We have a new udev (175-0ubuntu20) now in RR proposed repos.
That brings about important changes into udev setup:
* Drop unnecessary hardcoded libudev0 dependency from udev package.
* Drop libudev and gudev packages, built by systemd source now.
So, libudev0 is dropped and libudev1 is installed instead.
A number of packages must also be installed, built against libudev1:
- xorg-server + some drivers (evdev, ati, nouveau, intel)
- mountall
- mesa
- livm2
- initramfs-tools
- upstart
- bluez
- pulseaudio

Did someone of you already installed this setup?
I did and got immediately some issues with udev, my setup switches to busybox.
However, commanding "exit" works and all is well otherwise.