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Thread: LXDE/Openbox Working Again in Raring

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    Just did a daily upgrade, via Synaptic, and noticed LXDE was in the mix.

    I quit using LXDE/Openbox a couple of months ago, because 'lxsession' was using 100% CPU, sitting idle at the desktop.

    If I wished to use LXDE/Openbox, I had to login, disable 'lxsession', then re-enable it later, so I could logout/restart/shutdown et cetera.

    Anyway, after today's LXDE upgrade, everything is back to normal!
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    Re: LXDE/Openbox Working Again in Raring

    LXDE was working fine for me all the time in the most parts. Only LXDM is making some troubles. It has a bug which forces lxdm-binary to use 100% cpu time of one core if the home directory is encrypted with ecryptfs. But currently I'm even not able to login anymore with LXDM due to another bug.


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