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Thread: Launching apps from terminal

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    Re: Launching apps from terminal

    Quote Originally Posted by ViliX64 View Post
    stinkeye.. nice tip! I thought about that, but I could not find any menu editor, with whole commands..
    I don't understand what you mean here.

    Do you mean the exec line doesn't always show the full path?
    If so then, use the exec line with the "which" command.
    glen@Raring:~$ which thunderbird
    There's also this command I came across in an earlier thread to list all the exec commands from the .desktop files in /usr/share/applications...
    sed -nrs '/^(Name|Exec)=/p;${g;p}' /usr/share/applications/*.desktop
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    Re: Launching apps from terminal

    There is also a way to add applications that don't come with Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro for that matter) so that you can start them with sudo or gksudo. You would follow instructions similar to those found on depending on the exact file structure of the distro that you are running. I hope that that helps.

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