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Thread: Anyone got MIR working in raring?

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    Re: Anyone got MIR working in raring?

    Quote Originally Posted by zika View Post
    What does it bring new? I've seen it yesterday but did not have time/urge to do anything with it... What can be done with it?
    The last batch of updates killed everything here .. so far. No demos will work .. etc.. (intel Graphics).

    Killed mir_demo_actions on my *updated* Nvidia installs also.

    I expected this..

    Will check up on ATi install.


    Mir_demos on ATI install still works ok after updates. I'm not sure what happened. as for mircommon-dev. I think it does nothing right now. I just thought I would let everyone know it was there. I mean .. to be frank about it , it appears that Mir is nothing more than left over fumes of wayland/weston gone by atm but I think it will come alive soon


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