I installed Ubuntu on a new HP 2000 laptop that came with windows 8 installed (EFI laptop) and working. After installation to the laptop (from a live USB copy of 64-bit Ubuntu 12.10) I rebooted and without giving me options up came windows 8.

Following the advice on the UEFI forum, I downloaded and ran boot-repair (using the live USB copy.)

The next boot brought up lots of options but linux was the only working one. The windows options gave errors (authentcation I think, but I did not write them all down.)

Again following the advice of the forum I ran boot-repair again (from linux since it was booted) and then rebooted. This time, like the first time, I was given no bot options but the laptop booted right into windows 8.

Here is the paper link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5609175/