I use firefox 19.0 ubuntu 12.04. I have add ons like noscript, adblockplus, betterprivacy, click&clean and apparmor enabled. I am not at all an expert on security issues but it seems with this configuration, firefox is a very secure browser. The only feature I dislike, is that new versions of firefox are released too frequently, some times even within 8days (e.g., from 19.0.1 to 19.0.2) and then I have to upgrade to that version followed by updatation/upgradation of some other sections of software too as required by update manager and in addition, I will have to upgrade to new versions of adblockplus and no script as a result of updating to new version of firefox. This has become irritating. Is there any other web-browser which is as secure as firefox with my current setting but which does not require so frequent updatation? Its true that with new versions of a software we are making the browser more secure and updatation is itself a good security measure but on the other hand if the chain of updatation becomes painful then I may have to think of using some other browser. It would have been nice if instead of releasing an entire version of firefox they would only fix the reported flaws, just like we receive support for ubuntu long-term-support versions. So can experts suggest some other browser as I specified above?