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Thread: sharing internet via Huawei modem/router

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    sharing internet via Huawei modem/router

    Hi all

    I have two computers. One (Fedora 17, but can be whatever you suggest) is connected to a friend's wifi ( I SWEAR!) via an ALFA USB 1w antenna.

    I'd like to share this connection with a laptop(Ubu Gnome 12.10) I use in places of the house where the signal is too weak or absent.

    Someone land me a Huawei hg350 ADSL modem/router, that has 4 ethernet ports and wifi, and I would like to use it as a "repeater", to spread a stronger signal in the house.

    As stated in many forums, I connected the Huawei via ethernet to the fedora desktop and selected "Share with other computers" in the IPv4 TAb of the Connection Settings.

    As you'll have already internet connection on the laptop, even though it normally connects with the Huawei.

    Is it even possible to do what I want or the Huawei will only share internet from ADSL port??
    How coul I solve???

    I have another wifi USB dongle I could use, but is an old Linksys WUSB300N, that can only work via Ndiswrapper, that is a real pain since...Ubu 9 or before.

    I'd really appreciate some help here

    Thank you

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    Re: sharing internet via Huawei modem/router


    Or I did something wrong while posting?

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