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Thread: Dial up (DUN) via bluetooth and Network Manager.

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    Dial up (DUN) via bluetooth and Network Manager.

    I am not sure if this problem is present on Ubuntu...
    Anyway, I remember struggling with DUN via bluetooth on some older Ubuntu versions. On 12.04 it worked (gnome bluetooth applet plus Network Manager). Then I switched to Mint 13 and it worked as well. But recently I upgraded to Mint 14 and it didn't work again.
    Ubuntu users can have the same problem as the repos of Mint are based on newest Ubuntu.

    Anyway, if you cannot connect to the internet with bluetooth + mobile phone + network manager, this is the way to do it.

    This page:
    iexplains why Network Manager doesn't want to work with Blueman. We have to compile Network Manager with bluetooth modem support.

    Here's how to do it (Thanks to my friend Ethanak):

    we need to add a sources repo:
    sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
    add line: deb-src quantal main restricted
    (replace quantal with your version name, e.g. precise and so on)

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install blueman build-essential dpkg-dev

    sudo apt-get build-dep network-manager

    mkdir -p ~/tmp
    cd ~/tmp

    with no sudo:
    apt-get source network-manager
    cd network-manager-versionnumber

    (replace versionnumber with actual name of the folder)

    now we edit the file inside network-manager-verionnumber

    gedit src/nm-manager.c

    as described in the page linked above. namely, we remove ! before strcmp in this location:

    if (driver && strcmp (driver, "bluetooth")) {
    nm_log_info (LOGD_MB, "ignoring modem '%s' (no associated Bluetooth device)", ip_iface);

    and we save the file

    dpkg-source --commit

    it will ask for a name for the patch, we provide any, editor will be open - we save the file (if this is vi, type :wq)

    dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc

    a good idea now is to stop the current network manager:

    sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager stop

    cd ..

    sudo dpkg -i network-manager-versionnumber.deb

    and start new network manager:
    /etc/init.d/network-manager start

    we stop the mate / gnome bluetooth applet:
    killall mate-bluetooth-applet
    (and remove it from startup programs in menu)

    and start blueman:
    (and add it to the startup programs if it's not there)

    right click on blueman icon -> devices
    add device -> pair, type PIN code and the same on the phone

    now, our new network manager:
    right click -> edit connections
    broadband -> than the wizard for your country and operator plan.
    new connection shows up in the network list (left click) where we used to have only LAN and wireless before. in the newly compiled network manager you can see e.g. T-mobile now.

    click on local services in blueman and in PAN and DUN support click on Network Manager. (This dialog is a little bit tricky because the Apply button is inactive as long as you disable, apply, and reenable the NAP option on the top.

    Now click on Devices -> your phone -> select Serial ports -> DUN. confirm connection on your phone and observe the connection icon.
    in my case the Network Manager connected automagically with the defined broadband connection. if yours doesn't - click it on the menu.

    That's all.
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    Re: Dial up (DUN) via bluetooth and Network Manager.

    This has been a show stopper for me for a year. I was postponing my distribution upgrade because of this bug. Thanks very much for the detailed explanation. It worked for me in XUbuntu 13.10. I am surprised why this bug is not reported and not fixed in subsequent ubuntu versions. There might be many like me who use the internet from phone while travelling. Do you know of any bug reports?

    A couple of improvements in the steps may be helpful for other ubuntu users. I applied this patch to XUbuntu 13.10 and observed these changes.

    Adding the source may be done by (I hope you have synaptic package manager, else you will have to install it).
    System > Synaptic package manager > settings > repocitories > Ubuntu software tab
    click "source code"
    This will replace the following lines
    > we need to add a sources repo:
    > sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
    > add line: deb-src quantal main restricted

    The following line may be incorrect although quite obvious to someone experienced.
    > sudo dpkg -i network-versionnumber.deb
    It should be
    sudo dpkg -i network-manager-versionnumber.deb
    Just press tab to get the correct version number. It should usually autofill.

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    Re: Dial up (DUN) via bluetooth and Network Manager.

    I have corrected the mistake in my original post (network-manager-versionnumber). Thanks.

    The whole story doesn't look like a bug to me. Somebody playing with the source code obviously wanted bluetooth interfaces not to be displayed. But of course I can't think of any good reason for doing so.

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    Re: Dial up (DUN) via bluetooth and Network Manager.

    Among the two wireless tethering options, WLAN has some disadvantage. The power consumption of WLAN modulation scheme, OFDM, is less efficient than Bluetooth FSK/QPSK. In the interest of battery life I prefer BT/GSM over WLAN/3G. BT/3G is still an option for speed. Anyway using WLAN to connect phone to mobile is not required. Afterall the max 3G bandwidth I got is well within what BT can handle. I am not sure of security of BT though.

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    Re: Dial up (DUN) via bluetooth and Network Manager.

    Are you still able to get Bluetooth tethering work? I recently tried and the above mentioned lines of code has changed. It is not possible to make the change now. I am using XUbuntu vivid.


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